The government grants are disbursed among eligible recipients by varied organizations-states,counties,non-profit organizations,researchers and universities.

Government Grants For Single Moms:

A grant from the US government is a form of financial assistance for low-income families struggling with meagre income levels. Single mothers or single mothers with kids seeking monetary help for their daily needs like housing, college, medical, utility, home repair, day care and others can apply for these government grants that are not required to be repaid!
The government grants are disbursed among eligible recipients by varied organizations- states, counties, non-profit organizations, researchers and universities. Single mothers looking for grants need to determine the organization that they represent and apply for the
free money.

How to Apply For Single Mother Grants:

The rate of single mothers have been consistently escalating over the years in US and most of them are below the poverty line. Single mothers grants are hence given to assist with their economic hardships.

One thing to remember; there is always a huge waiting list and limited grants hence quickly determine your eligibility, know the organization you represent, go online, do your research and start applying.

Besides government grants, charities, churches, accredited organizations, nonprofits and for profit organizations also lend a helping hand to distressed single mothers. For government grants look up the government’s official website site.

• Apply easily by creating an account and include the FON
• In the search bar key in the required keyword
• Download and carefully fill the grant application form given with the accurate details
• A tracking number is provided; keep it safe
• Look for notification or validation from the site

Single mothers can also seek help from non-federal organizations for their monetary needs. Apply in person with the registered organizations, companies, colleges or even churches and look for free grants.

There are plethora of opportunities available; start applying today and get rid of financial hardships.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Free Clothes For Single Mothers-Grants And Financial Help For Moms

Single mothers face huge financial burden in meeting the daily needs of their families. Most of the income or savings are spent on house rent, day care, college, medical needs, food, utility needs, emergency situations etc with little money left for good clothes. Winter clothes, office attires, clothing for children or babies or everyday wear clothes are also a need.
Single mothers can now get free clothes from community agencies, nonprofits, catholic charities, state and local agencies and government grants like TANF. Read on to know about free grants for single mothers.
Free Clothes For Single Mothers
Single Parents Alliance of America
It’s a not-for-profit organization that is committed to offer services and support to single mothers or single parents. The organization helps in navigating government programs and offer resources beneficial to deprived mothers to improve their quality of life. The team partners with associations to find exclusive benefits for its members that offer highest value.
Sign up today to get emails for free products, vouchers, offers, samples and discounts for free clothes and other free items.

Salvation Army
Salvation Army centers are present throughout in United States that offer clothes for free or at reduced price to single mothers and their children. Deprived mothers can get winter coats, uniforms, baby clothes and everyday clothes. The organization provides short term assistance for food, clothing, furniture and bedding to financially constrained families. To get a store voucher contact the local service center.
Dress for Success
It’s a nonprofit international organization that provides support to women to help them make it big in life. Incepted in 1997, the organization has now made its presence in more than 150 cities and helped uncountable low income women to achieve their dreams. Get your professional attire and support network for a successful job search.
Children of 0-12 years can now get free clothing, diapers, baby clothes and all other necessary items. Low income single mothers can get free donated gently used goods for their children. The items are distributed to nonprofit partner organizations, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, hospitals, Head Start and others.
The organization provides a common platform for single mothers and donating families that facilitate the former to receive free clothes and other stuffs. Single parents are paired with families who are willing to donate free toys, clothes and other items. Your kid’s gender and age is a decisive factor here. Register online and become a member to avail the facilities.

Operation Warm
The primary mission of Operation Warm is to offer warm clothing and coats to needy kids. In the winter months financially restricted families often struggle hard to provide their children with warm clothes. The organization functions along with many corporate companies and charities to meet the needs of warm clothing for children. Contact soon and get your new winter coat today.
Catholic Charities
More than 160 Catholic Charities function in U.S. to provide support to needy families, single parents and children. You can get free clothing, uniforms, shoes and other items of your need. Catholic Charities offer financial support to such families. You may contact your local charities and churches to get free donated goods.
Get your free clothes today without worrying about money. Apply soon with the organizations and charities and find the required clothes for family-all at free of cost.

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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Grants For Single Mothers With Disabled Children-Get Free Financial Help

Apply For The Single Mother With Disabled Children Grants To Get Financial Assistance And Have All Your Needs Fulfilled

Single moms with inadequate income levels need to struggle too hard to bear the expenses of the family single-handedly. Having disabled children add on the worries as they require special care and have different needs. To extend support to such families the government, nonprofits, state agencies and organizations offer financial support and grants to offset the expenditure. Let’s read about the grants for single mothers
Supplemental Security Income for Disabled Children
The SSI provides financial benefits to children having serious medical conditions, are blind or are disabled. To be eligible the child must be under 18 years of age, must not be married and should not be the head of the house. The child can be under 22 years if he/she is attending school regularly. 
A child can be eligible for SSI from his/her birth (no minimum age needed) to attaining of 18 years. After that evaluations are made according to SSI eligibility criteria for adults.
Grants For Single Mothers with Disabled Children
Home Repair Grants
Children with special needs require a decent, secure and easily accessible place to live in. This might require home repair needs which can be expensive to afford for single moms with low income. Special home repair grants are available for disabled children that assist in removal of any obstructions for better mobility.

Single mothers can apply for home repair grants like Urgent Home Repair, Rebuilding Together, NeighborhoodWorks, Weatherization Assistance Program, Displacement Prevention Partnership, and Single-Family Rehabilitation Program. HUD, FHA, USDA, CDBG and the state & local governments also offer home repair grants. You may visit your Local Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) or Local Independent Living Center (ILC) for information and proposals for home repairing grants.
Assistance is also available from nonprofits like NeighborWorks, Salvation Family Emergency Services, Community Action Agencies, National Fuel Funds Network and National Low Income Housing Coalition.
Housing Grants
For rental help, single mothers can apply for HUD housing assistance programs like Housing Choice Voucher Program, Community Development Block Grants, HOME program, Shelter Plus Care, Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities, Emergency Shelter Grants and Public Housing Program. Assistance is also available from community action agencies, USDA, State Homeless Grants, and nonprofit organizations.
Medical Grants for Disabled Children
Medical expenses for specially-able children are also offered by the states, counties, local governments, nonprofits and clinics for financial assistance. The grants can help compensate the medical expenditure and offer benefits like money for a free checkup, lab tests, doctor visits and pharmaceutical needs.

Apply for new medical programs like Star Kids (especially for disabled children). Michigan Health Endowment Fund, Connecting Kids to Coverage and Health and Human Services Oral Care for better facilities. Single mothers can also apply for grants like Medicaid, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Children’s Health Insurance Program, visit free medical clinics and get medical facilities from nonprofits like Net Wish, United Healthcare Children's Foundation, American Red Cross, Community Action Organizations, Salvation Army, United Way, Children’s Health Fund. 
Mothers with disabled children can also look for utility and heating or cooling grants, college grants, online study grants, grants for everyday expenses, work from home programs etc. Research well and apply for the grants.

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Grants For Single Moms From Non profits-Guide To Get Financial Assistance

Grants For Single Moms From Nonprofits-Guide To Get Financial Assistance

single mom applying for free money from charities
There are thousands of single mothers in the country who have serious financial issues and earn insufficient money to make ends meet. Low earnings or savings often result in monetary crisis, dues and heavy debts which make it impossible to fulfill the needs of the family.
Well, worry not! There are many nonprofit organizations, charities, and organizations that extend financial support to needy people that help them fight economic hurdles and avail the basic needs of life.
Cars for Careers/ Free Charity Cars: single mothers require transportation help for outdoor work or to reach their offices and colleges. Transportation expenses are too high to afford with limited earnings hence car assistance for single mothers is provided by nonprofits like Wheels to Work, Car Care Ministry, 1-800-Charity Cars, Caring Cars Program, Free Charity Cars etc. These are donated cars that are given for free or at reduced price to needy single mothers seeking to purchase a vehicle for ease in transportation. Mothers who have faced family violence, are divorced, have dependent children, are disabled or stay in rural areas may get cars from charities.

Habitat for Humanity: single mothers with meager income levels often face the financial crisis in meeting the home rent, mortgage, loan amount or other housing bills. Nonpayment may lead to evictions, homelessness or foreclosure hence immediate assistance is required to pay off any due payments. Nonprofits like Mercy Housing, Habitat for Humanity, National Coalition for the Homeless, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Fannie Mae and many more extend support to offer a safe shelter to single mothers.
Salvation Army: compensating exorbitant utility or electricity bills can be a cause of concern. However, utility services are essential for home up-gradation, energy efficiency and secured living. Nonpayment of bills on time can lead to disconnection of services hence financial assistance is offered by nonprofits. You may contact nonprofits like United Way, Salvation Army, Jewish Federation of North America, Operation Round Up by gas/utility companies as well as community action organizations to pay off the utility bills.

Feeding America: healthy food is a prime necessity for all but with financial shortage access to nutritional food may be restricted. Nonprofits, local agencies, and organizations offer food grants and vouchers at free of cost to prevent children being at nutritional risk. Other nonprofits like YMCA, Lutheran Services in America, Love in the Name of Christ, Jewish Federation of North America and Feeding America also offer assistance for free grocery and food. Single moms may also ask for food assistance from churches.
American Red Cross: medical needs are inevitable but the expenses can be too high to bear with minimal income. Single mothers can seek help from nonprofits like Red Cross, Salvation Army, CARE USA, UNICEF, HealthWell Foundation, United Healthcare Children’s Foundation and others. You may also visit free clinics for medical checkups.
The list of nonprofits is countless; Task Force for Global Health, American Cancer Society, Catholic Charities, World Vision, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America and many more. Single mothers can seek assistance from these nonprofits in times of financial crisis.

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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Free Grants For Single Moms From Utility Companies To Pay Utility Bills

Home energy efficiency and weatherization is necessary for every house for energy bill reduction, up-gradation of energy appliances and damage prevention through all round repair work and safety checks. Single mothers often face the shortage of funds for modification of home energy systems or pay for energy bills that result in disconnection of services.
If you are monetarily crunched the best option is to first seek assistance from your utility companies that has multiple assistance programs. Single mothers can avail financial help, payment options, reduction in bills, discounted services, special plans and installment payment options from their utility companies.
home energy assistance for single mothers
Read the article to save your home energy and get the best assistance programs from utility companies
Weatherization Assistance: it’s a federal program supported by many utility companies that offer energy up-gradation assistance to low income families, single mothers, seniors or disabled people. Home up-gradation include services like furnace repairs, weather-stripping, floor insulation, door and window seals, installation of hot water heaters etc that actually improve energy efficiency and conservation. These can reduce almost 35% of energy bills thus saving $400 a year!

Payment Plan Options: utility companies have limited resources hence it’s not possible for them to allow families to totally relinquish their payments. Different payment options, schemes, plans, installment and payment restructuring options are initiated by utility companies that help to compensate the due bills. Single mothers can now avail these payment programs and prevent the cutoff of utility services.
Government Programs: disadvantaged families can also seek assistance from utility companies for government utility programs. Single mothers can get up-gradation services, monetary support, and reduced home energy rates as per the federal government plans.
Home Energy Audit – these free or low-cost audits from the utility companies help to identify the energy efficiency needs of homes and the specific up-gradation needed to reduce utility bills. Once identified utility companies may provide funds to fix the areas or provide assistance for the revamping work.
single mom applying for grants to pay utility bills
Winter and Summer Protection Plans: single mothers or low-income families can avail special winter and summer plans to prevent disconnection of utility services even with due bills. There are certain strict disconnection laws in almost every state especially for families having dependent children, seniors, and disabled people. The utility bills in summers or winters tend to rise hence a balanced payment plan can be used to pay a flat rate every month, say $80 per month.
Reference to Nonprofits: due to the fund shortage, many utility companies refer financially constrained eligible applicants to charities, nonprofits, churches and community action agencies for monetary support and assistance with due bills, debts or disconnection of services.

Moreover free heating oil, gas, and fuel are also available from charities like The National Fuel Funds Network, Salvation Army Family Emergency Services and Union Members Discounted Heating Oil. 
Single mothers can visit their county or state utility companies and seek for assistance to pay off their utility bills and dues. They may also apply for federal grants like Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant, Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and LIHEAP Crisis Program for energy efficiency. Make your choices now and start applying for a comfy and secure living.

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