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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Free Grants For Single Mothers Buying Furniture For Home

November 29, 2016 0
Single mothers can now get free furniture to decorate and furnish their homes for a comfortable and improved living standards.
Often single mothers require assistance with furniture for a furnished and comfortable living. Low income earning single mothers struggle too hard to manage the expenses of her family hence she often needs support for daily goods like furniture, clothes, shoes etc.
A full furnished home is essential for comfortable and improved living. There are some organizations, charities, churches, nonprofits and state or county offices that provide with free furniture for single mothers. Let’s have a quick look at them.

Furniture Bank for Association
Furniture Bank is a non-profit organization committed to providing free furniture to low income and families for a better-living standard. It collects gently used donated furniture and other essential household goods and gives them at low or no cost to needy families to furnish their homes. Homeless, battered, divorced, unemployed, immigrants, natural disaster victims or disabled single moms can avail assistance from the Furniture Bank that offers varied types of furniture items like chairs, mattresses, bed, couches, coffee/end tables, kitchen tables & chairs, box springs and other household goods. More than 100,000 people are given furniture by the furniture bank.
single mother furniture grants
Community Helping Hands
Single mothers in the emergency can get free vouchers for household goods, furniture, and clothing from the nonprofit organization. The vouchers can be used in stores for purchasing needed goods. Applicants need to make prior appointments to visit the office for their needs but before that, they also must have a written referral faxed or mailed to the organization from a charitable organization, church or social service association. However, if you are in need of clothing no referrals are needed.
Bridging Inc.
Established in 1987, Bridging Inc. provides household items and quality furniture to below poverty level families. The organization seeks to create a bridge between the needy people and rich. It’s the biggest furniture bank located in North America, that offers a onetime gift to families in need. To be eligible one must have a referral from a Bridging referral agency. Call the organization for more information.
Interfaith Human Services
The IHS operates a Free Furniture & Appliance Recycling Program that helps several distressed families and single mothers striving to furnish their homes. Generous donors call IHS to donate their gently used items and the families needing them collect the required goods from the inventory at free of cost. A strict security check is maintained to avoid any misuse of the program.
Operation Homefront
Operation Homefront is a charitable organization that seeks to offer assistance to financially deprived ex-military personnel or Veterans and their families. The organization gives away free furniture, cash grants, household goods, free computers and other goods for a furnished home.
Nonprofit Organizations
Nonprofits like Salvation Army, United Way, Goodwill, Big Brothers Big Sisters and others offer free furniture for single mothers. Look for branches in your areas. You can also get help from state-run organizations, community agencies, churches and local municipalities.
Start looking for free furniture for a well-furnished house and improved living.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Free Utility And Heating Grants For Single Mothers To Pay Off Bills

November 22, 2016 0
Single mothers having financial worries and due utility bills can seek for utility and heating grants. The single mother grants are available from varied sources like community organizations, utility companies, heating oil companies and state or federal government. These help in covering the cooling-heating and other energy costs thus, preventing disconnection of services. Read on to know the utility and heating grants available for you.
Weatherization Program: WAP facilitates in home repairs, furnace repairing, wall and attic insulation, weather stripping, home up-gradation work and other energy saving measures for low income families. Administered by the U.S. Department of Energy, the grants are allocated to state governments, nonprofits, and community agencies and then granted to eligible applicants. Single mothers can now make their homes energy efficient and upgrade them for reduced energy bills.

Heating Repair Replacement Program (HARRP): provided along with WAP, HARRP helps in repairing and/or replacement of furnaces, heating units or appliances.
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Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Block Grant: funded by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the program offers two types of services. First, funds are given to offset cooling and heating costs; second weatherization services are offered for home energy efficiency.
home energy grants for single moms

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP): single moms requiring cash assistance for their utility bills and/or heating and cooling bills can apply with the HEAP
LIHEAP Crisis Program: in emergency situations, single mothers can contact local county assistance office for the grant program. It offers monetary help for fuel shortage, insufficient heating oil, broken equipment, heating source blockage, leaking lines etc. The energy companies are paid directly for the unpaid bills.
Free Home Heating Oil: free or discounted heating oil is provided to low income families by the Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program.
Heating Oil Buying Network: companies that offer heating oil usually have a wholesale heating oil club that offers disadvantaged families with heating oil at a reduced rate.
Citizens Energy: it’s a gas and utility company that provides discounted and/or fee heating oil and fuel to different states. Single mothers facing financial hardships can get help with their heating bills.
Joe-4-Oil Heat Program: it gives away free 100 gallons heating oil to needy families one-time per heating season to needy families. No citizenship or immigration status proof is needed.
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Winter Protection Plans: during colder months utility companies, nonprofits, and local agencies offer special programs. These are seasonal services given especially to families having disabled members, senior members, sick persons or children. It protects families from disconnection or shut off of heating resources or utility services and also suggests some payment options or plans to compensate the due bills.
Assistance from Utility Companies
Single moms can also seek help from utility companies to clear their utility bills. These companies have their offices in almost all states and have special payment schemes, subsidized rates, discounts and plans to compensate the amounts. Get help from programs like Restructuring of Payment Plans, Special Winter Protection Plans, and Free Energy Audit.
Assistance is also offered by nonprofits like The National Fuel Funds Network, Community Action Agencies, Operation Roundup and Salvation Family Emergency Services. Start applying now for your utility and heating bills for single mothers.

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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Apply Free Personal Grants For Single Moms For Various Needs

November 19, 2016 0
Get your single mother personal grants today and fulfill all your special needs to live comfortable with your family.It’s tough to fulfill personal needs with low income and meager savings. Single mothers living at poverty levels often need to comprise on their needs. Grants and assistance are hence made available from the government, local authorities and nonprofits to help such needy mothers and their families to avail the basic needs and live a comfortable life. Have a quick look at the personal grants for single mothers.
Free Clothes
Well stitched and decent clothes are a necessity for all but the prices can be quite expensive to afford for single mothers. Office attires, winter clothes, regular wears, uniforms, clothes for children are all essential.hence free clothes, vouchers, discounts and recycled clothes are provided to needy single mothers. Single Parents Alliance of America, Salvation Army, Dress for Success and Operation Warm are some of the nonprofit organizations that offer free clothes for office wear, regular wear and for winters. Mothers can also get clothes, shoes, uniforms and other stuff for their children from, Baby2Baby, and charities.

Assistance is also available from state governments, community agencies, accredited organizations and local authorities.
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Free Furniture and Computers
For eased living, a well-furnished home is needed but purchasing furniture, computers, and other stuff can be expensive for single mothers living at poverty level. Well, put aside your worries now! There are nonprofits, organizations, charities and community agencies that offer furniture, gently used household goods like appliances, computers, mattresses and clothes for free or at much reduced prices. Seek assistance from Furniture Bank, Interfaith Human Services, The Salvation Army, Operation Homefront, Catholic Charities for household stuff. For free computers contact Computer Recycling Center, Computers with Causes, Computers for Kids C4K, Nonprofit Organizations or get listed on Craigslist and Freecycle to get recycled stuff at nominal prices.
free personal grants for single moms
Source- ptmoney
Car Grants
Transportation assistance is often required to commute long distances, especially for those residing in remote or rural areas. Moreover, availing private or public transport can be quite expensive and hassling. Hence, car grants are available for struggling single mothers to help them manage work and responsibilities. Car donation programs are hosted by many nonprofit organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Free Charity Cars, Cars for careers, Cars for charity, Caring cars program, Wheels for work, Salvation Army etc. These donated cars are auctioned, given at low prices or for free. Apply today for your self-owned car.
The exorbitant monthly bills are a big worry for low income earners. Cable bills, water bills, phone bills, utility bills, home rent, day care bills, the list can be just endless. If you have the government stated income limits then you are eligible for grants to pay your monthly bills.You may also contact your local companies, nonprofits and charitable organizations for monetary assistance, discounts, payment plans, installment payment schemes, credits, and vouchers. A short list will help you:
Phone Bills: Lifeline, Linkup, Phone 4 Charity, U.S. Cellular
Water Bills: American Water Corporate, LIPP and H2O Help to Others Program
Home Rent:HUD, USDA, CDBG, Fanie Mae, Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Mercy Housing
Utility Bills: LIHEAP Grant, LIHEAP Crisis Program, and The Weatherization Assistance Program
Apply soon for the personal grants and fulfill your special needs.

Tags- free grants for single moms,to pay bills,childcare,daycare,utility bills,personal use,home buyer grants.
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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Free Laptops And Computers For Low Income Single Mothers

November 15, 2016 0
Computers and laptops have now become a primary need for the present education standards but many children from low income single parent families lack access to computers or internet connection. To remain academically active online research work, gathering information and remaining updated is necessary but purchasing computers may be unaffordable for single mothers with low-income earnings.
Single mothers and their children can now have the luxury to get laptops for free or at reduced prices. Many nonprofits, community agencies, charities and business organizations offer computers for free to disadvantaged families. Read about them and get your free laptop today.
Computer Recycling Center
It’s a nonprofit organization present in California that accepts donated computers and recycles them to eligible applicants. The computers are repaired and updated as needed and either given for free or at reduced price to agencies, schools, charities, nonprofit organizations and low income people. To apply you must complete a form available at their site at

Computers with Causes
It’s a nationwide charity that offers repaired, refurbished computers free of cost to single mothers and individuals in need. On account of receiving countless requests a strong eligibility check is initiated which includes:
Background check
Essential reasons for the need of a computer
Reference check
Every donation is also evaluated strongly before the computers are given. To apply visit their website.
Computers for Kids C4K
The organization accepts used electronics like laptops, computers, mouse, keyboard, monitors etc., evaluates and refurbishes them to donate them to children, single mothers and families in dire need of them. All computers are tested, cleaned thoroughly and installed with Windows 7 Pro, anti-spyware and anti-virus software, Firefox, Chrome, Adobe Reader, Adobe Reader and LibreOffice.
To qualify applicants must be recipients of any government grants like energy grants, Food Stamp etc., reside in the stated service area and fill out given application form.
free computer for single mothers
State Assistance for Free Computers
Almost every state has charitable organizations that donate computers and laptops for free to low income people. Single mothers can get computers from their own respective states:
California-Computers for Classrooms, Computers 4 Kids, Computer Recycling Centre
New York: Computers for Children
Virginia: Computers for Kids, TCC Student Club
Nonprofit Organizations
Single mothers can also seek assistance from nonprofit organizations, community agencies and charities like Salvation Army and Goodwill that give away free computers. You may also approach religious institutions, your child’s school and community agencies.
You may also join Freecycle to get linked with people in your area willing to give out free stuff. Get your free membership to get in touch with people in your locality. Another option is to get listed on Craigslist that recycles used stuff for free or at a nominal price.
Single mothers with financial limitations can now provide modern amenities to their families.  Get in touch with your local social service organization and get free computers for your college studies, for your kids’ education or for your office work. Sit back at home and work with ease.

Tags- grants for single moms,free computer,college grants for single moms,laptops for children.
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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Free Maternity Debt Relief Grants For Pregnant Single Mothers

November 12, 2016 0
Get maternity grants for single moms today and forget all your financial worries to enjoy a happy pregnancy period.Being in debts can be really stressful and a daunting experience for pregnant single mothers. During the maternity period, mothers need adequate care for the proper development of the baby but ,financial loss can cause heavy debts and crisis.
Worry not! Maternity grants and financial assistance is provided by nonprofits, government, states and counties for debt relief. Single mothers with heavy debts can avail the benefits to pay off the dues and stand back in life.
Medical Grants For Maternity
Single mothers in maternity require medical attention, checkups on regular basis and doctor visits to monitor the healthy growth of the baby. However, this can be real expensive for low-income earners resulting in heavy debts. Medical grants are hence granted to financially support expecting mothers and offer prenatal and postnatal care. Government, nonprofits, child welfare agencies, religious institutes, community agencies, charities all offer monetary aid through medical grants like:

Pregnant Women Assistance Program
Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant
Free and Low-Cost Health Insurance
Pregnant Women Support Act
Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
Co-pay assistance plans 
Early Head Start
Nonprofits like Aubrey Rose Foundation, American Red Cross, Jewish Federation of North America, Net Wish
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single mother pregnancy grants
Single Mother Housing Grants 
A need for secure housing facility can’t be overlooked, especially in the case of pregnant mothers. Paying off high priced rents or purchasing a house can be financially unfeasible with monetary crisis. Housing grants are hence extended by community agencies, states, charities, nonprofits and government for rent, mortgage and housing debt relief assistance. Apply for the grants to avoid evictions, homelessness, and foreclosures.
Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program
The United States Department of Agriculture 
Community Action Organizations
Department of Children and Families Services
Nonprofit organizations like  Habitat for Humanity, Fanie Mae, Mercy Housing, Salvation Army
State Homeless Grants
Nutritional Food Grants
Economically challenged pregnant mothers are often at nutritional risk and face health issues. The financial shortage can cause heavy debts and dearth of supply of foodstuffs. Food grants and free foods are offered to mothers during the maternity period for better child growth. Get your food grants now:
Food Distribution Program on Indian
Feeding America
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
Food and Nutrition Service
Personal Grants For Pregnant Moms
Well, there can be countless personal needs such as buying maternity clothes, baby proofing the house, paying off bills for electricity, water, transport, internet, grocery shopping, furniture purchasing etc. Sufficient money is required to fulfill the needs hence grants are given to disadvantaged pregnant mothers that can financially support them. Few options to look for are:
Federal Communications Commission, USDA, state plans for the internet
Food Assistance Program, Special Milk Program, Food Distribution Program, Food Banks, Child and Adult Care Food Program
Furniture Bank Association, Operation Homefront, The Salvation Army, Interfaith Human Services for furniture
Cars for Careers, 1-800-Charity Cars, Wheels 4 Hope, Free Charity Cars for cars
Work From Home Facility
Pregnant moms require rest and care hence many remain unemployed during the maternity period. However, mothers need to be financially strong to support their families hence work from home opportunities have been initiated by companies, organizations, government, and states. 
If you are also expecting and in need of single mother debt relief grants then start applying for the maternity grants and have a happy birthing experience.

Tags- pregnant moms,maternity grants,medical grants,medical debt relief,obama grants for moms,for medical bills.
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