May 2015 - Free Grants For Single Moms Online-Single mother Grants

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Apply Free Grants for Single Mothers in Connecticut-Assistance For Moms

May 26, 2015 0
Single mothers need to bear the burden of the whole family, paying and fulfilling all responsibilities with the insufficient income she earns. Often this leads to dearth of money that makes it difficult to even adequately furnish all the basic necessities of life and remain ‘afloat.’
With the endeavor to offer a better life, Connecticut offers grants, financial assistance, and welfare programs to mothers that meet the expenses provide subsidized services and reduce the hurdles. The grants address the specific needs that families require the most.

List of Grants in Connecticut for Single Mothers
Health Care Assistance Grants For Single Moms
You need health and medical care for your children and yourself but paying the exorbitant bills or paying for the premiums in case of insurance can be daunting, particularly with insufficient income. Connecticut grants medical care assistance programs that cover the costs and also offer free health care benefits to eligible mothers and children.
single mom apply for online grants
The Healthcare for Uninsured Kids and Youth (HUSKY) is for children under 19 years and in certain cases caregivers or parents. The HUSKY plan has 4 types- HUSKY A-D
Medicaid program for disabled persons, visually impaired, pregnant women and children
Connecticut Medical Assistance program
The need for a well protected and reasonably priced home is a prime necessity for all families but for single mothers with constrained income and meager savings, it is a distant dream. Even affording the highly priced rent of the rental apartments is a challenge for moms. Connecticut offers varied housing grant programs for single mothers to provide affordable houses, meet rental expenses and offer subsidized apartments.
Rental Assistance Program for very-low-income families with not more than 50% of the median income of a metropolitan or county area
Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program
Security Deposit Guaranteed Program
Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA)
Energy Assistance Program to offset winter heating costs
Single mothers often need to leave home to attend work or get enrolled in colleges for higher degrees for better jobs. So, the need for child care centers to keep the kids safe is a necessity but affording the high expenses at the end of every month can be intimidating. Connecticut hence offers daycare grants that cover the costs, making it affordable.
Care 4 Kids, funded by the Department of Social Services, is a subsidy program that offers child care costs. Applicants need to pay a portion of the cost known as Family Fee. Subsidized amount given depends on family size and income
An affording college education is a challenge for single mothers with the financial crisis, but higher educational qualification can help in fetching better jobs and financial stability. Connecticut provides scholarships and grant programs to help mothers enroll in universities and community colleges. Fill the FAFSA form and start applying for grants like: 
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
Pell Grant
The Governor’s Scholarship Program for in-state private and public institution undergraduates that award $3,000 to eligible students per academic year
Connecticut offers some more grants programs like Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) to fulfill basic necessities, Temporary Cash Assistance for Needy Families, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Special Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), Unemployment Insurance, a financial aid for unemployed workers and others. Select and apply for your required grants to avail cash assistance for your needs.

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Free Grants For Single Mothers In Arizona-Apply Free Financial Aid

May 22, 2015 0
Are you a single mother residing in Arizona? If yes, then you have the opportunity to avail numerous grant programs that fulfill all the basic needs and necessities of your family. Single moms often face hardships dealing with financial crisis and fulfilling their responsibilities hence, the state has initiated special grants for single moms to help lead an accomplished life.
Do your research both online and by visiting the state office to consult with the authorized officials. Read and know about your grants to start applying for the money that helps you and your kids to overcome the hurdles and stand on your feet.
List of Grants in Arizona for Single Mothers to Apply
Single Mother Housing Assistance
A permanent, safe and affordable home is essential for single moms and her kids where they can stay and grow. However, the rising prices of real estate prove to be a barrier for mothers to purchase home with her limited income or even at times it is impossible to afford the escalating rent in case of rental apartments. Arizona offers rental assistance through various housing programs to single moms seeking for an affordable shelter. 

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Housing Choice Voucher Program
Public Housing Program
Freddie Mac organization
Fannie Mae organization
Utility Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
Free Grants For Single Mothers pay bills
To earn money for living single mothers need to go to work or at times they enroll in colleges to complete their education. In such cases, they require safe child care centers to keep their kids. However, affording for the expenses of day care is difficult hence; Arizona offers day care assistance to mothers through the Department of Economic Security to meet the expenses. 
Head Start Program for children from 3-5 years and Early Head Start for toddlers and infants
Child Care Assistance Program for children below 12 years. Applicants need to pay a portion of the cost and the rest is paid by the state depending on the income criteria
Health Care Assistance
Arizona furnishes health care grants to single mothers to meet the exorbitant rates of medical care. The grants facilitate low-income moms, pregnant women, and dependent children to avail medical attention and pay for the costs of checkups, medicines, tests and doctor visits. The grants list includes:
Medicaid Program for free medical coverage
KidsCare--health insurance for children under 19
Moms College Education Assistance
Higher degrees facilitate in attaining good paying jobs and stable earning opportunities but bearing the educational expenses is unfeasible for single mothers. To encourage mothers, Arizona offers single mother educational grants that cover the cost of education and also funds for other related academic expenses. Fill the FAFSA form to avail the grants and scholarship programs
Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership (AZLEAP) grant offers $2,500 to eligible Arizona students per academic year. It’s a need-based grant
Pell Grant
Arizona Community Foundation-a scholarship program
Single Mothers have more grant programs in Arizona-Cash Assistance Program, Nutrition Assistance Program (NA) for healthy food, Special Program for Women, Infants & Children (WIC), Food Stamp Program, Emergency Food program, Coordinated Hunger Program, Unemployment Insurance, public transportation, and others. Find your grants now and start applying soon for an accomplished life.

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

First Time Home Buyer Grants For Single Moms In New Jersey-Apply Free Money

May 07, 2015 0
Single mothers often find it difficult and a challenging task to find a safe and decent shelter for her family, especially with sole income and several responsibilities to fulfill. With low income and financial burdens, meeting the costs of housing, high rents and bills become unfeasible, sometimes leading to homelessness. To mitigate the housing problems, single mothers are offered varied rental assistance programs by the local, state, federal governments that include support for paying rents, locating affordable houses, provision for emergency shelter and preventing homelessness.
Look for the desired single mother housing grant programs and apply today.
List of Single Mother Housing Grants in New Jersey to Apply
Housing Choice Voucher Program
New Jersey Department of Community Affairs administers the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. The program offers direct rent subsidies to landlords that reduce the cost of renting homes or apartments for low and very low-income families, individuals, and single mothers. The HCVP is funded by the HUD that enables needy people to have safe, decent and affordable housing in the private rental market.
First Time Home Buyer Grants For Single Moms
The applicant’s eligibility and the subsidies are determined by the New Jersey housing agencies. Some of the criteria of the HCV programs are:
Participants need to pay a portion of the monthly rent
The housing costs should be less than 30 percent of the household's income
Applicants must meet the income guidelines stated by the government
The United States Housing and Urban Development
HUD offers multiple housing assistance programs and subprograms for the New Jersey residents. Financially challenged families and single mothers can seek for the various aid programs according to their needs. Some of the HUD-administered New Jersey housing programs are:
New Jersey Housing & Mortgage Finance Agency
New Jersey State Division of Housing and Community Resources
New Jersey Housing Resource Center
New Jersey resources on housing
New Jersey affiliates of Habitat for Humanity
US Department of Agriculture Rural Housing
State Rental Assistance Program
It offers project-based and tenant-based housing programs to single mothers to prevent homelessness. Moreover, it helps mothers to shift from temporary shelters to permanent and affordable housing. The housing programs offered to single mothers under this section are Shelter Support/Emergency Housing Grant, Homelessness Prevention, Section 8 Homeownership Program, State Rental Assistance Program, Section 8 Single Room Occupancy, Family Self-Sufficiency and Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher.
The following are the criteria for the program:
Rent subsidies are offered to families having 40 percent of the median income
Assistance is offered based on family size and region
Applicants will receive subsidy for maximum of five years
Participants receiving HCVP subsidies cannot apply for this program
Public Housing Program
Referred to as PHP, it offers low-income families with affordable housing in New Jersey. These can be either single-family homes or high-rise flats. The essential criteria for the program are:
Applicants must fulfill the stated income guidelines
Maximum of 30 percent of income is to be paid by recipient for monthly rent
State Homelessness Prevention Program
Administered by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA), the program offers monetary help to needy single moms to prevent foreclosure or eviction. The Social Services for the Homeless is another such program. Important points of the program are:
Grants are available for temporary period
The rent for the housing is paid directly to mortgage services or homeowner by DCA
In addition to these, New Jersey housing and mortgage finance agency offers financial assistance and no interest loans to homeowners facing foreclosure or evictions, helping them cover the mortgage payments. Moreover, to help families with their energy bills the state provides energy assistance programs like Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program and Universal Service Fund.
If you are also in need of housing grants in New Jersey then apply today and realize your dream of owning a house.

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