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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Grants And Financial Assistance For Single Moms From Charities

Apply with charities that offer grants, funds and financial assistance to needy single moms to help them overcome their financial hurdles.
Thousands of nonprofits and charitable organizations are operational in U.S. that offer assistance to single moms, distressed families and senior citizens to help them avail the basic necessities of life. Single mothers on low income often face financial hurdles to fulfill the needs of their families. The single mother grants from charities assist in dealing with serious monetary crisis and emergency situations. read on to know more about these charities.
Salvation Army: it’s an international organization that offers housing help, disaster relief, funds in emergency situations, medical help and financial assistance for household goods to single mothers. You can also get help to pay off gas, utility and electricity bills.
United Way Worldwide: it’s a nonprofit organization with more than 1200 local offices in the country. Single moms in desperate need of financial assistance can seek help from the organization. Single moms, children and seniors may receive emergency funds to make ends meet and cover necessary expenses.

Mercy Housing: having a secured shelter is an essential need for all but affording the rents. Single moms require a permanent, safe home for their families hence to offer assistance with rents and housing Mercy Housing offers affordable housing services and healthy communities to reside in. To mitigate homelessness and evictions this national charitable organization offers financial help, grants and support to single moms, the disabled, seniors and needy families. Habitat for Humanity, CoAbode and Fannie Mae are other such organizations.
Extended Family: single parents who get no assistance from the other parents can get help from the Extended Family, a nonprofit charity. It was started with the purpose to offer an extended family to the single parents and provide financial help for necessities like housing, clothes, food, medical expenses, transportation and education. To be eligible single parents must be the sole parent or should hold the majority of the custody of their children. They must also have serious financial need, should be employed and should not be receiving any monetary help from the other parent.
single mother grants from charities
Help a Mother Out: since 2009 the organization is committed to provide improved health and wellbeing of babies and families through the distribution of free diapers to families who need them. A huge cost is incurred by single mothers to purchase monthly diapers for her babies hence this organization distributes diapers through their social service partner network. In 2015 it established the San Francisco Diaper Bank that offers 6 packages of diapers each month to 1400 eligible families.
American National Red Cross: single mothers with meager salaries often strive to meet the expenses their families. In times of emergency or any natural or man-made disaster, single moms can seek help from the Red Cross for financial aid. Moreover, the organization lends support to meet the expenses of daycare, housing, home repair, water bills, transportation needs and other necessities or mishaps like accidents.
The list is just endless; there are thousands of nonprofit organizations in this country that provide assistance to families in need. There are organizations for specific needs, research well and seek for benefit programs and assistance from them. Apply today for the single mother grants from charities.

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