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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Free Grants And Financial Help For Single Mothers To Pay Bills

Get financial help for single mothers from recognized organizations and agencies and pay off your monthly bills without any hassle.
Single mothers struggle hard to take up the responsibilities of their families due to their low salaries, unstable jobs or inadequate savings. Often financial help, discounts or free stuff are helpful to put off the extra expenses on the monthly bills. So, there are organizations, nonprofits and recognized agencies that financially assist single mothers in paying bills. Let’s have a look at those organizations.
Internet Connection
Low income single mothers can enjoy free or very low-cost internet services from internet company providers. CenturyLink’s Internet Basics, Comcast’s Internet Essentials, Access by AT&T, Cox, and Bright House network’s internet plans are remarkably low-priced. Connect2Complete, a national program, also provides low-cost internet connection to kids from financially distressed families.Many leading cable companies like Cox Cable, Charter, Time Warner and regional cable companies like Bright House Networks, Mediacom, Eagle communications and others are part of the Connect2Complete program.
single mother grants for bills
Telephone Bills
If you are struggling to pay off monthly telephone bills or cell phone bills then remember there’s financial help available. Single mothers who are recipients of LIHEAP, SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, and TANF are eligible to receive Lifeline and Link-up benefits. Lifeline is administered by the Federal Communications Commission’s Universal Service Fund that offers discounted services for telephones and cell phones. Link-up provides free installation services to its subscribers.
Financial help, discounts, affordable plans and free installations are also available from local telephone companies and nonprofits.
Water Bills
If you are struggling to pay off your monthly water bills then apply for grants and benefit programs that financially help you. You can pay your water bills in installments or in credit form through the Low Income Payment Program that also provides monthly discounts. Single mothers who are looking for affordable payment plans, schemes and installment programs can also apply with the American Water Corporate. Another good option to get discounts or water bills is to apply with H2O Help to Others Program that offers one-time cash grant of $500.

Baby Stuffs
If you have small kids or newborn babies at home then there will be always a huge list of baby stuffs to get. For single mothers with low or no income, this can be really expensive. Well, don’t worry-there are many organizations, agencies, nonprofits and online sites that can help you get free or low priced baby stuffs. Baby2Baby, Care2Kids, Operation Warm, National Diaper Bank Network, Huggies, Pampers, Freegifts4Kids, Gerber Generation Nutrition, Member’s Mark and Parent’s Choice Baby Formula and others offer free baby clothes, diapers, baby formula etc. Also look for free stuffs in online sites eBay Classified, Freecycle, and Craiglist.
Besides government grants from HUD, USDA and CDBG even nonprofit organizations also offer help with rental bills. Salvation Army, Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Mercy Housing, and Catholic charities can help you in an emergency situation.
Research thoroughly for all the available grants, benefit programs and financial assistance programs available near you to apply for the single mother financial help to pay bills.

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