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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Grants For Single Mothers With Disabled Children-Get Free Financial Help

Single moms with inadequate income levels need to struggle too hard to bear the expenses of the family single-handedly. Having disabled children add on the worries as they require special care and have different needs. To extend support to such families the government, nonprofits, state agencies and organizations offer financial support and grants to offset the expenditure. Let’s read about the grants for single mothers.
Supplemental Security Income for Disabled Children
The SSI provides financial benefits to children having serious medical conditions, are blind or are disabled. To be eligible the child must be under 18 years of age, must not be married and should not be the head of the house. The child can be under 22 years if he/she is attending school regularly. 
A child can be eligible for SSI from his/her birth (no minimum age needed) to attaining of 18 years. After that evaluations are made according to SSI eligibility criteria for adults.
Grants For Single Mothers with Disabled Children
Children with special needs require a decent, secure and easily accessible place to live in. This might require home repair needs which can be expensive to afford for single moms with low income. Special home repair grants are available for disabled children that assist in removal of any obstructions for better mobility.
Single mothers can apply for home repair grants like Urgent Home Repair, Rebuilding Together, NeighborhoodWorks, Weatherization Assistance Program, Displacement Prevention Partnership, and Single-Family Rehabilitation Program. HUD, FHA, USDA, CDBG and the state & local governments also offer home repair grants. You may visit your Local Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) or Local Independent Living Center (ILC) for information and proposals for home repairing grants.
Assistance is also available from nonprofits like NeighborWorks, Salvation Family Emergency Services, Community Action Agencies, National Fuel Funds Network and National Low Income Housing Coalition.
For rental help, single mothers can apply for HUD housing assistance programs like Housing Choice Voucher Program, Community Development Block Grants, HOME program, Shelter Plus Care, Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities, Emergency Shelter Grants and Public Housing Program. Assistance is also available from community action agencies, USDA, State Homeless Grants, and nonprofit organizations.
Medical Grants for Disabled Children
Medical expenses for specially-able children are also offered by the states, counties, local governments, nonprofits and clinics for financial assistance. The grants can help compensate the medical expenditure and offer benefits like money for a free checkup, lab tests, doctor visits and pharmaceutical needs.
Apply for new medical programs like Star Kids (especially for disabled children). Michigan Health Endowment Fund, Connecting Kids to Coverage and Health and Human Services Oral Care for better facilities. Single mothers can also apply for grants like Medicaid, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Children’s Health Insurance Program, visit free medical clinics and get medical facilities from nonprofits like Net Wish, United Healthcare Children's Foundation, American Red Cross, Community Action Organizations, Salvation Army, United Way, Children’s Health Fund. 
Mothers with disabled children can also look for utility and heating or cooling grants, college grants, online study grants, grants for everyday expenses, work from home programs etc. Research well and apply for the grants.

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