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Friday, 30 September 2016

Free Medical Grants For Single Pregnant Mothers-Maternity Assistance

Pregnant mothers need medical attention and health care but the expenses are really high to afford with limited income levels. Medical insurance is needed to compensate and pay off the costs but for single mothers arranging the funds or paying the premiums can be tough.
The government disburses medical grants for single pregnant mothers that financially support them, offer prenatal and postnatal health care benefits and fulfill their medical and nutritional needs. Let’s have a look at them.

Federal Medical Grants for You
It’s a federally funded program that offers medical services and health care facilities to mothers, families, and individuals with limited money. Pregnant mothers can get financial help for prenatal care, labor, delivery and 60 days of postnatal care. The funds are not directly given to applicants; instead, the health care providers are paid.
Early Head Start
Pregnant women can avail prenatal care from the Early Head Start, a U.S. government program formulated to meet the needs of low-income expecting mothers. This helps in the proper growth of the baby and positive development of the infant. Single mothers who fulfill the federal poverty guidelines are eligible for EHS.
Free Medical Grants For Single Pregnant Mothers
Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant
Administered by the Department of Health and Human Services, the program is committed to improving the health care benefits given to pregnant mothers, infants, children with special needs and needy families. The program facilitates in promoting, planning and evaluating the varied health care services provided to people with inadequate health care facilities.
Child Welfare Agencies
Child Welfare Agency, also referred to as the Department of Human Services, Department of Human Resources or Department of Public Welfare, offers medical assistance for pregnancy, foster care, parenting, and adoption. Every state has an office of the State Child Welfare from where mothers can attain their medical needs.
Drug Prescription Assistance Program
Those who can’t afford the drugs prescribed can get assistance from nonprofit groups, drug makers, and state governments. Just mail an application to the drug company stating your financial condition and requirements for evaluation and approval. If approved, medicines will be supplied to you. You might require the recommendation of your doctor. Expecting mothers are also eligible for drug discount cards from organizations like NeedyMeds or AARP.
Pregnant Women Support Act
Pregnant mothers can pursue their high school studies or postsecondary degrees for better job opportunities, financial stability, and self-sufficiency. The grants further help to propose alternatives to abortion and offer better opportunities to victims of sexual violence, domestic violence or sexual assault. Contact your state agency for more information.
Enjoy your pregnancy period with the numerous health care support programs and medical grants and have a happy birthing experience.

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