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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Free Grants For Single Moms From Utility Companies To Pay Utility Bills

Home energy efficiency and weatherization is necessary for every house for energy bill reduction, up-gradation of energy appliances and damage prevention through all round repair work and safety checks. Single mothers often face the shortage of funds for modification of home energy systems or pay for energy bills that result in disconnection of services.
If you are monetarily crunched the best option is to first seek assistance from your utility companies that has multiple assistance programs. Single mothers can avail financial help, payment options, reduction in bills, discounted services, special plans and installment payment options from their utility companies.
Read the article to save your home energy and get the best assistance programs from utility companies
Weatherization Assistance: it’s a federal program supported by many utility companies that offer energy up-gradation assistance to low income families, single mothers, seniors or disabled people. Home up-gradation include services like furnace repairs, weather-stripping, floor insulation, door and window seals, installation of hot water heaters etc that actually improve energy efficiency and conservation. These can reduce almost 35% of energy bills thus saving $400 a year!
home energy assistance for single mothers
Payment Plan Options: utility companies have limited resources hence it’s not possible for them to allow families to totally relinquish their payments. Different payment options, schemes, plans, installment and payment restructuring options are initiated by utility companies that help to compensate the due bills. Single mothers can now avail these payment programs and prevent the cutoff of utility services.
Government Programs: disadvantaged families can also seek assistance from utility companies for government utility programs. Single mothers can get up-gradation services, monetary support, and reduced home energy rates as per the federal government plans.
Home Energy Audit – these free or low-cost audits from the utility companies help to identify the energy efficiency needs of homes and the specific up-gradation needed to reduce utility bills. Once identified utility companies may provide funds to fix the areas or provide assistance for the revamping work.
single mom applying for grants to pay utility bills
Winter and Summer Protection Plans: single mothers or low-income families can avail special winter and summer plans to prevent disconnection of utility services even with due bills. There are certain strict disconnection laws in almost every state especially for families having dependent children, seniors, and disabled people. The utility bills in summers or winters tend to rise hence a balanced payment plan can be used to pay a flat rate every month, say $80 per month.
Reference to Nonprofits: due to the fund shortage, many utility companies refer financially constrained eligible applicants to charities, nonprofits, churches and community action agencies for monetary support and assistance with due bills, debts or disconnection of services.
Moreover free heating oil, gas, and fuel are also available from charities like The National Fuel Funds Network, Salvation Army Family Emergency Services and Union Members Discounted Heating Oil. 
Single mothers can visit their county or state utility companies and seek for assistance to pay off their utility bills and dues. They may also apply for federal grants like Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant, Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and LIHEAP Crisis Program for energy efficiency. Make your choices now and start applying for a comfy and secure living.

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