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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Grants For Single Mothers Buy Reliable Transportation-New Car Grants

June 30, 2016 0
Single moms require transportation assistance to manage their outside work, office, and other responsibilities. In rural sectors, availing public transportation is a challenging task. A self-owned car, in such circumstances, manages both time and money and helps in easy commute.
Nonprofit organizations support such deprived people through their car donation programs, making them more self-sufficient. Car grants for single mothers can mitigate transportation hurdles and help reduce expenses.
Government and State Grants
Single mothers can avail federal grants for purchasing a car. Every state, county, and community agency offer grant programs and financial assistance for single mothers. Moreover, the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) provides cash grants for personal needs. The funds may be utilized for purchasing, insuring or repairing cars. Car donation programs are organized by many states for low-income families where payments are made out for purchasing and/ or repair work.
Single mothers who are recipients of any federal grants then you may also consult the government officials for funds, loans with low or no interest or any other specific programs for car purchase assistance.
Car grants for single mothersCar Grants from Nonprofit Organizations
If you are in dire need of a car the best option is to seek assistance from nonprofit organizations. People donate cars to charities and receive a tax deduction or tax credit in return, a rule implemented decades ago by the government for single mothers. Some of the nonprofits hosting car donation program are mentioned:
Habitat for Humanity
It’s a renowned nonprofit that offers donated cars to eligible single mothers at reduced price. Enlist your name today to get a car.
Free Charity Cars
Free Charity Cars is America’s leading car donation charitable organization established in 1996. The charity receives donated vehicles and offers them to deprived families, helping them become self-sufficient. More than 4500 vehicles have been donated to the organization since its inception that has been given out to struggling families, single mothers, physically challenged, military people, survivors of domestic violence and natural disaster victims.
To get a car applicant must visit Free Charity Cars site to fill up an application for review. When a car is available, the eligible applicant is informed.
Car keys for single mothers
Salvation Army
This nonprofit organization is also engaged in car donation to disadvantaged families. The charity organizes car auction on a monthly basis in different areas. You need to register for the auction and meanwhile, visit the charity to inspect donated cars. You must bid for the car of your choice and wait for the auction day. Contact your local branch for any information.
Single mothers can also seek for car grants from other charities like Vehicles for change, Cars for careers, Good news garage, Cars for charity, Grace care center, Cars for success, Caring cars program, Car care ministry, Wheels for work etc.
You have a plethora of other options,check with local agencies hosting car donation programs, talk to rental car companies or seek assistance from churches or accredited foundations. Start applying now to get the best car grants for single mothers.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Free Grants Assistance For Single Mothers to Pay Medical Bills

June 22, 2016 0
Millions of families in U.S. live at poverty level, most of them being underserved and neglected. The most vulnerable among them are single mothers, senior citizens, and children who are denied of basic needs like housing, food, and medical services. Over the years the need for medical care has escalated but the exorbitant rates deprive most disadvantaged families of receiving medical attention. 
The federal government, state agencies, charities, nonprofits, foundations, and hospitals offer medical bill grants for single mothers to financially support and compensate for the expenses.  Let’s have a look at the grant programs.
Federal Grants For Single Moms
Affordable Care Act: initiated in 2010, the ACA or colloquially termed Obamacare provides better medical securities, health insurance reforms, and improved services for its citizens. Under the act, single mothers can get affordable health insurance coverage, avail low-cost medical services and more benefits.
Medical Bill Grants for Single Mothers
Federal Government Health Resources and Services Administration: administered by the U.S. Department of Health, HRSA provides medical support and free services to uninsured and medically unfit people. Senior citizens, single mothers, disabled, people with AIDS/HIV, pregnant women and children living at poverty level may apply for the program. You may avail services like maternity care, health checkups, dental checkups, prescription drugs and medical tests at no cost. HRSA has more than 90 programs that are run by HRSA to help medically vulnerable people.
For more federal medical grants such as Medicare, Medicaid, state grants, Children Health Program read Federal Grants to Pay Medical Bills
Nonprofits, Hospitals, and Recognized Foundations
Healthcare Marketplace: if you are looking for insurance then the healthcare marketplace is probably the best place to get health insurance at low cost.Your family and you may get low premium insurance if you qualify for the program. Family size, income levels and age are the determining factors here. Visit and apply at Healthcare.gov site.
Family Medicine Cares USA: initiated in 2011 by the AAFP Foundation, the program seeks to serve the uninsured through free clinic services. New and existing clinics are offered grants for purchasing of medical equipment and other healthcare items to serve the patients free of cost. AAFP has collaborated with the Volunteers in Medicine, a nonprofit organization, to help locate potential free clinics. You may apply twice a year, 15 March and 15 September.
Non-Profit Organizations: If you are in a medical emergency look for medical grants from nonprofit organizations like United Way, American Red Cross,Salvation Army Jewish Federation of North America, Net Wish and the Aubrey Rose Foundation. Even community action organizations extend financial assistance to single mothers.
Hospitals and Clinics: single mothers may also contact the hospital authorities and nonprofit medical clinics that have special charity care programs for the disadvantaged. You may get concessions, discounts and medical grants (based on income and savings) to pay your bills.
Your medical bills, insurance papers, hospital bills, documents or prescriptions are vital for claiming back the money. Apply today for the medical bill grants for single mothers to get the best medical care and monetary help.

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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Grants Help Paying Bills For Single Mothers-Low Income Financial Help

June 19, 2016 0
Single mothers are burdened with huge responsibilities of the entire family and being the sole earning member can be a tough challenge for them. Paying off monthly or quarterly bills and meeting the expenses seem almost impossible with limited earnings.
If you are also stuck with your bills then apply for grants from the government, nonprofits, and community agencies to avail monetary help. These grant programs help pay bills and clear off all debts, supporting families to stand back on feet. Don’t wait, get your grants today!
Single mothers often remain busy accomplishing the needs of the family or working long hours in offices. They hence require safe and affordable babysitting services for the care of their kids but paying for the monthly daycare bills can be unfeasible. Grants are available from the government, nonprofits, state and recognized agencies to compensate the day care expenses.
Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG), Head Start and Child Care Subsidy program are some of the grants programs to apply for. Besides, the Local Department of Health and Human Services(HHS), Child Care Aware® Of America, states, churches and nonprofits also financially support day care expenses.
Daycare Grants For Single Mothers
Housing Grants For Single Moms
Single mothers require a secured shelter for their families, however, the expenses of home purchasing, rent payment, compensating mortgage or loan amount can be unaffordable. Grants are disbursed that help pays off housing bills and debts, preventing evictions and homelessness. You may seek housing grants from HUD, USDA, Public Housing Program, Subsidized Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Program.
Single mothers may also seek grants to pay bills from nonprofits like Mercy Housing, The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and CoAbode. Churches, community agencies, and catholic charities also extend support.
Utility Grants For Single Moms
Weatherization, energy efficiency services, and home up-gradation are essential for secured living but the services can be unreasonably high for low income earning single mothers. The U.S. government, nonprofit organizations, state agencies and community agencies give utility grants to help pay bills.
You can now upgrade your home appliances for reduction of energy consumption, seek weatherization services for electricity bills and make your home energy efficient even with low savings. Apply for LIHEAP Crisis Program, Weatherization Assistance Program and the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). Seek assistance from utility companies for easy payment plans, installment plans, and other benefit programs. Nonprofits also offer assistance programs like Dollar Energy Fund, Operation Roundup, and The National Fuel Funds Network.
single mother grants pay medical bills
Medical Grants For Single Moms
Exorbitant medical bills, doctor visits, regular checkups, pregnancy, operation, delivery etc are really expensive to afford. In the case of medical emergency single mothers can apply for grants like Medicare, Medicaid, Early Head Start, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Kidscare, Pregnant Women Support Act, Maternal, and Child Health Services Block Grant and Free and Low-Cost Health Insurance etc.
The Department of Human Resources or Department of Public Welfare and the United Healthcare Children's Foundation also extend financial support. To pay bills or clear debts nonprofits like American Red Cross, Salvation Army, United Way and Net Wish can also be approached.
Get your single mother grants to pay bills, accomplish your needs and enjoy a worry-free life.

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Friday, 3 June 2016

Get Free Maternity Grants For Single Mothers-Maternity Allowances and Benefits

June 03, 2016 0
Maternity grants for single moms

Expecting moms require care, medical attention, healthy food intake and safe housing that can be highly expensive, especially for single mothers. Concerns over financial matters or dearth of funds can be perturbing as the prenatal and postnatal period incurs huge expenses.
Financial support is offered by the federal government through the countless maternity grants. Assistance is also available from nonprofits, catholic charities, community agencies, state and local governments. If you are also an expecting mother with low-income levels apply for the maternity grants for monetary aid.
Medical Grants For Single Moms
Pregnant mothers need medical attention, doctor visits, regular checkups for healthy growth of the baby. Lab tests, medicines, delivery or any emergency medical needs can be expensive for low income earning single mothers. Medical grants are allotted for improved health services, maternity care, medical bill compensation and financial support. The Obamacare benefit program  includes HPV DNA testing, free wellness visits, gestational diabetes screening and pregnancy and breastfeeding support. For federal grants apply for Early Head Start, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Medicaid, Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant to the States and Pregnant Women Support Act. Pregnant mothers can contact the Department of Human Services for assistance or dial toll-free hotlines for prenatal and postnatal care services from the Title V Maternal and Child Health Program.
Nonprofits like Jewish Federation of North America, Aubrey Rose Foundation, American Red Cross and Net Wish also render medical aid.
Food Grants
Financially burdened pregnant mothers are often at nutritional risk that my cause health issues and improper growth of the baby. Food grants provide free healthy food, vouchers, discounts and food supplements. Food Distribution Program, National School Lunch Program, SNAP, School Breakfast Program, Emergency Food Assistance Program, Child and Adult Care Food Program and Special Milk Program are the federal food programs to apply for.
Nonprofits like Feeding America, Centre for Food Safety, Project BreaD and Meals on Wheels are committed to providing food to millions of needy families. Food banks also have food pantries and varied meal programs to feed the poor.
healthy food for pregnant mothers

Housing and Utility Grants For Single Mothers
Expecting mothers need a permanent and secure shelter but the expenses can be unfeasible for low-income earners. Paying off rents, mortgages and loans can be a challenging task with insufficient funds. Even up-gradation, weatherization, energy efficiency and other utility services can be expensive to afford. Seek assistance from HUD, USDA, CDBG and states for grants-Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8), HOME Investment Partnerships Program, The Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program, Multi-Family Housing Programs and Public Housing Programs.
Alternatively, if you need utility grants apply for WAP, LIHEAP, LIHEAP Crisis Program and state utility programs.
Personal Grants For Single Mothers
The Pregnancy Assistance Fund (offers a maximum amount of $1,500,000), Pregnant Women Support Act, Growing Family Foundation (offers grant money $50 to $250 for new baby expenses) assist disadvantaged single mothers. Meet your extra costs like baby care, baby supplies, food, equipment purchasing etc.
There are many other maternity grants for single mothers-transportation grants, work from home facility, free cars, home repair and educational grants. Start applying now and have a healthy pregnancy experience.

Tags- free maternity grants for pregnant women,maternity grants,to pay utility bills, housing grants,medical grants,personal grants,childcare grants,free grants to pay bills.
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