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Monday, 2 May 2016

Apply Free Grants For Single Moms to Pay Utility Bills-Various Utility Grant Programs

Owning a home is just not sufficient; paying off the exorbitant utility bills can also be a matter of concern. Single mothers earning inadequate salary find it quite challenging to cover the monthly or quarterly utility bills. Financial shortage leads to overdue bills and heavy debts that may cause discontinuation of services.
Utility bill grants for single mothers are a welcome relief that offers financial grants and monetary support to pay off the bills and clear debts on time. Don’t be concerned anymore for the approaching bill date. Apply today for the free grants.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP): it provides monetary assistance for home energy bills, weatherization, energy crisis and minor home repairs for energy related issues. Low-income single mothers can utilize the grants to offset the cooling and heating costs.
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LIHEAP Crisis Program: it seeks to assist single mothers who are facing disconnection of utility services or having inadequate fuel or oil for heating. The grants are paid out directly to the energy companies on behalf of the concerned eligible applicants.
Home Energy Assistance For Single Moms
The Weatherization Assistance Program: single mothers with kids can now avail energy efficiency assistance services such as energy saving measures, weather stripping, minor home repairs, wall and attic insulation through the federal WAP grant. The bill grant ensures reduced bills and improved home energy efficiency.
Utility Relief Grant and Non-Mains Utility Relief Grant: eligible cardholders facing a temporary monetary crunch in paying off their mains gas, electricity or water bills can avail the Relief Grant. The grant is also applicable for non-main bills-diesel, petrol, LPG, metered electricity, heating oil etc. Homeowners and private renters both can make use of the grant program.
Grants from Utility Companies
Single mothers seeking bill grants must first seek help from their utility companies. Almost every state has recognized utility companies that offer personalized services to low-income single mothers as per the requirement.
The grant programs offered may include restructuring of payment schemes, upgrading home equipment for reduction of energy costs, offering subsidized rates, discounts, cash assistance or reduction in bills, preventing disconnection of heating services and offering government allocated grants. Single moms can look for grants like:
Water Bill Programs
Restructuring of Payment Plans
Special Winter Protection Plans
Free Energy Audit
Government Programs for Utility Companies
They may also approach the state authority that has the authority to restrict utility companies from disconnecting services even if the payment is due.
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apply utility bill grants for single moms
Grants From Nonprofits
Even nonprofits and charities offer bill grants for single moms to compensate the dues in case of financial loss. Funds are allocated to offset heating and cooling bills, clear debts or dues and upgrade the energy efficiency of the house. For utility bill clearance, single mothers can approach the following nonprofit organizations:
Community Action Agencies
The National Fuel Funds Network
Dollar Energy Fund
Well, don’t worry about your utility bills anymore! Start applying for the utility grants for single mothers to enjoy continuous heating and cooling services and a safe, secure dwelling experience.

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